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Many people choose to work or live abroad because of the higher standards of living they can find outside their home country. Do you think this brings more advantages or disadvantages to the people who follow this path?

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In this globalization era, people are attracted to move abroad because some country can offer them increased oportunities and higher standards of living. Although emigration make the original country loose their talent and human resource, I think this phenomenon brings more benefits than disadvantages to the individuals. This will be proven by looking at the issues of health care and education.

First, in terms of healthcare system, developed countries provide better quality of health care than developing countries. So, people coming from underdeveloped countries maybe increase their longevity by moving abroad. For example, life expectancy in Japan is roughly a decade higher than that in Indonesia. Although, several factors are responsible for this disparity, the health care quality should be assumed to play vital role. Thus, as the example shows that higher standard of living can be achieved by moving in developed countries.

Second, better education quality and standar are another benefit by moving abroad. The central of education is in developed countries. There are many top universities which provide people with better knowledge and skills. People who graduate from top university are considered to be more competent, so they will be easly to join with big company. Eventually they will earn better salary and have better facilities . Education quality is the driver to boast their standar of life.

In conclusion, higher grade of health care and educational resources can improve a person’s quality of life, it has been proven more advantages than disadvantages come to people who choose to live in countries more developed than their home country.

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