You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

Some believe museums should entertain people, while others believe their purpose is to educate.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

In this modern era, some people believe that the function of museum is to be an attraction place, however others think that museum is place of education. In my opinion, museums become prominent aspect for both entertainment and education. It contributes to the country as tourism object and beneficial for the enhancement of education. In this essay, I will develope about both purpose of museum.

On the one hand, museums can be tourism object in some country. People want to see an exhibit of some collection in museum. It is favourable to rise economical growth in country and increase the standard of living due to numerous visitors from various country. So, it is reasonable if museum modify their exhibition become more attractive to invite more visitors. For instance, museum utilize technology with 4D movie to show the history of their region. It will be more enjoyable and adventurous activity for visitors.

On the other hand, some people argued that museums should focus on education because they provide knowledge which people did not know previously. Museum play vital role to explain about knowledge, science, culture and art to people. Museums will explain with various way, in order to explain the information about the exhibition. They can employ a guide to explain the history of exhibition or they will offer headsets so the visitors can listen detailed explanation about the exhibitions.

In conclusion, the argument above would indicate that museum can be utilized for both education and entertainment. Museums give different advantages in both aspect. However, good museum should provide both interesting exhibition and educational experiment. So, people can be enjoyable and learn something new.

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