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Some people prefer shopping in shopping centres, while others prefer local markets.
What are the advantages of each?
Share your opinion and any personal experiences in your answer.

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Nowadays, most people have certain interests to go to shopping centres which are available at most places in large cities. As some people prefer to choose shopping centres because they are much comfortable, others think shopping in local markets have benefits. In this essay, I will explain how these might be the appropriate option.

Most citizens trust that one of the major benefits of shopping at malls is to attain amenities. Here, visitors enjoy contemplating facilities like restaurants, play lands for children, air conditioner and ATM. It is much suitable for customers who have modern lifestyles to buy groceries in supermarkets. It happens because consumers needs to buy ingredients for their weekly wants with his/her juvenile. Also at the mall, customers have options entrusting their children in the play land while they go shop at the supermarket. After they finish shopping, they might take lunch at the restaurant inside the mall.

However, there are several advantages of buying groceries at the local markets. Firstly, in a local market the prices of groceries are more economical. The customer is not supposed to pay taxes. Secondly, the market supplies numerous ingredients from different countries which can not be easily found at shopping centres.

Nevertheless, each and every customer can get their products either at the local markets or the shopping centres. It only depends on consumers selection and desires

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Shopping preferences vary widely between one consumer and another. Many are of
the opinion that shopping centres provide the optimal consumer experience.
However, others prefer local markets. The advantages of both will be shared before
a conclusion is reached.
On the one hand, many people argue shopping malls offer more convenient than
markets. For example, while living in Dubai, I often went to the City Centre mall
because I could buy a wide range of products there, from electronics to food to
clothing. As such an eclectic offering of goods is typically not available in local
markets, the benefits behind shopping centres can be seen. It is thus understandable
why many people support the idea that shopping centres are the better way to buy
But the above is a view not supported by everyone. Many argue local markets
provide the buyer with fresher produce and more authentic items. Thus, although
Dubai’s City Centre provides convenience, the freshness of its perishable goods is no
match for th

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