1. How would you define "success"?

2. Do you think most people want to succeed in life?

3. When do people most want to be successful?

4. What kind of success is most important to people in your country?

5. Do you think that successful people are always happier than unsuccessful people?

6. How would parents reward their children for success, for example, for doing very well in exams at school?

7. How do teachers in your country reward students for doing well?

8. How do bosses in your country reward employees for a job well done?

9. Which do you think is a better attitude for children to have: a strong spirit of competition or a strong spirit of cooperation with others?

10. Do you think that too much competition could damage the spirit of cooperation in society?

11. Some people say that success means being number one and that being number two is valueless. What do you think?

12. How do people measure success?

13. Is success important?

14. What part does luck play in success?

15. Is success a journey or a destination?

16. Does success keep people happy?

17. Do you think success breeds success?

18. Why are goals important?

19. Do you think people have fewer goals as they get older?

20. Is having a goal in life effective in becoming successful?

21. Is having a goal helpful in motivating a person?

22. How do people's goals change from country to country?

23. What are the main differences between male and female goals?

24. Are goals necessary to achieve success?

25. Do you believe that people must work hard to become successful?

26. Do you think that money and fame means success?

27. Would you like to work in a successful company?

28. How can a company become famous and successful in your opinion?

29. Is it easy today to run your own business?

30. What are the important fundamentals of a successful business in your opinion?

31. What should a person concentrate on when starting a new business?

32. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small business?

33. What do you think about family business?

34. Do you think the Internet is important for business?