1. Do you think tourism will harm the earth?

2. Is there any difference between young tourists and adult tourists?

3. Do you think it is a good idea to travel with friends, or alone?

4. What are some benefits of travel?

5. Is tourism an important industry in your country?

6. How has tourism contributed to the development of your hometown?

7. Has tourism had any bad effects on your hometown?

8. How have hotels changed in recent years?

9. What facilities should a good hotel have?

10. What could be done to improve the environment in some hotels?

11. What kind of people are best suited to work in a hotel?

12. What can hotel service people do to help tourists?

13. Do you think the type of vacation one takes reflects one's social status?

14. What are the good and bad things about tourism?

15. What do you think tourism will be like in the future?

16. What do you think of the idea of space tourism?

17. How does tourism change lives?

18. Is there a difference between a tourist and a backpacker?

19. Do you think tourism helps people in the world understand each other?

20. Is tourism something that only rich people take part in?

21. What factors affect tourism?

22. How has tourism changed over the past few decades?

23. What can be done to attract people to visit historical places?

24. Would you prefer to renovate historical buildings or to build new ones?

25. Who should take the responsibility for repairing historical buildings, the government or individuals?

26. Why do you think historical buildings have a significance for people?

27. Are there any interesting places in your country?

28. What is the difference between seeing these places by yourself and watching them on TV?

29. How holidays of the future will look in 10 years' time?

30. Why are holidays important?

31. Do you think that people should visit different places?

32. Why do you think people should visit different places?

33. Should children visit places or only adults?

34. Do you think business trips are useful?

35. Could a video conference easily replace a business trip?

36. What are the advantages and disadvantages of video conferences?

37. What are the differences between a long journey and a short trip?

38. What are advantages of short trips?

39. What are disadvantages of short trips?

40. What places would you recommend to visit as a short trip in your country?

41. Do you think clean water is important for people?

42. What is the reason for shortage of clean water in the world?