1. When was the last time you went dancing?

2. When do people in your country like to dance?

3. Does your country have any traditional dances?

4. What kinds of dancing are popular with young people in your country?

5. How do you like your work?

6. Do you do anything with your colleagues after work?

7. What did you do last weekend and with whom?

8. Do you think being punctual is important?

9. What kind of music you like the most?

10. What do you think of when you listen to music?

11. What are the differences between live and recorded music in your opinion?

12. Which public holiday do you like the most?

13. What do you usually do on a holiday?

14. Would you like to stay in a big house or small house?

15. Can you describe each room of your house?

16. What could be done to improve walking in the city?

17. How often do you walk?

18. Do you think walking is important?

19. Do you think you'll walk more often in the future?

20. Are sports necessary in schools?

21. What exercises will you do in the future to maintain healthy lifestyle?

22. What positive effects do foreign films have on the people and culture of your country?

23. What possible negative effects do foreign films have on the people and culture of your country?

24. How often do you go to movies?

25. Are there many public holidays in your country?

26. Should pictures be posted on the internet without permission?

27. When can taking pictures be an invasion of your privacy?

28. How do you like to look at photos?

29. Do you have a camera?

30. Are you a camera-shy?

31. Do you like photography?

32. What is the photo that you like best?

33. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking photos with a smartphone?

34. Do you think cellphones are better in taking pictures than digital cameras?

35. When was the last time you took a picture?

36. Do you think people take too many photographs nowadays?

37. Have you ever collected anything?

38. Where do they get such things?

39. What is one of your favorite TV shows?

40. What kind of TV programs do you usually watch?

41. Which type do you like best?

42. Which TV channel do you like the best?

43. What kind of entertainment do children in your country like?

44. What is your favorite section of the newspaper to read?

45. Do you read the newspaper everyday?

46. How often do you read the newspaper?

47. What sections of a newspaper do you like to read?

48. Do you read newspapers in other languages?

49. Do you watch the news?

50. What is the significance of reading the news?

51. How do you prefer to get the news?

52. Why do you need to be updated with the news?

53. Do you feel it is important to be up to date with the news?

54. Do you think young generation is more interested in news than old generation?

55. What type of news are you interested in?

56. Do you read world news or national news?

57. Do you have a childhood memory that includes trees?

58. Do you like trees, forests?

59. Do you grow a tree in your garden?

60. Did you ever plant a tree?

61. Do you have many trees or other vegetation in your city?

62. Is there a park in your area?

63. When did you visit a park?

64. When was the last time you went to a park?

65. Did you grow any plants in your childhood?

66. How often do you go to the parks now?

67. What's your favorite season and why?

68. What month gets the most rain in your country?

69. What month gets the most rain around here?

70. What are the different kinds of weather?

71. Are there different seasons in your country?

72. What kind of weather do you like?

73. Does it rain frequently in your area?

74. Are there many rainy days in your country?

75. When do you have the most of rain fall in your country?

76. Do you think that rain causes any problems?

77. Has the weather changed for the past ten years in your country?

78. Why do you think spring is the most beautiful season?

79. Who is most suitable for riding a bicycle and who is least suitable?

80. How often do you ride a bicycle?

81. How do you think countries can reduce congestion on the roads?

82. What kind of transportation do you use most often?

83. What's your favorite form of transportation?

84. How could public transportation in your city be improved?

85. Tell me about the traffic situation in your city.

86. How many rooms are there in your house?

87. What things in your house could you easily live without?

88. Do you live in an apartment or a house?

89. Why do you think people use cars?

90. Do you use public transport or car?

91. What kind of accommodation do you prefer?

92. What does the outside of your house look like?

93. Where do you park your car at your house

94. Do you like the place where you are living? Why or why not?

95. What is your favorite room in your house? Why?

96. How are homes different in your home country and in this country?

97. How have you changed your home since you've started living there?

98. What are your future aims?

99. Did you have a favourite teacher at school?

100. Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

101. What would you like to do after finishing your studies?

102. Did you study mathematics at school?

103. What did you like or dislike about your study?

104. Do you want to be a teacher?

105. Do you have a favourite teacher?

106. Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher?

107. What are your future plans?

108. How many languages do you know?

109. Do you plan to learn another language in the future?

110. Do you like to watch historical movies?

111. Did you like history as a subject at school?

112. How often do you watch historical movies or documentaries?

113. Can you describe your current job?

114. Do you have to work on Sundays?

115. Do you like your job?

116. Do you think your company is well run?

117. Do you think that working conditions have improved? If so, in what ways?

118. What time do your start and finish work?

119. Did you have to go to university to get it?

120. Did you need any special training to get your job?

121. Did your education prepare you well for the job you are doing now?

122. Do you like live music and concerts?

123. Did your music preferences change over the years?

124. Would you ever consider changing your job?

125. How might your industry change in the future?

126. Do you make quick decisions or not?

127. What do you like about your job?

128. Do you see yourself doing the job you currently do now in the future?

129. What is the most interesting part of your job?

130. Will you change job in the near future?

131. What kind of work are you planning to do in the future?

132. What do you want to do in the future?

133. Do you think your job will be improved in the future?

134. What is the most interesting aspect of your job?

135. How important is your job to you?

136. Do you prefer working alone or with others?

137. Are you planning to change your job in the future?

138. Would you ever consider changing your job?

139. How might the industry you work in change in the future?

140. Do you think there is a difference between working conditions now and in the past?

141. Do you prefer to work in the morning or in the afternoon?

142. Do you live in the city or the countryside?

143. Have you ever been to the seaside?

144. Which place do you prefer, your hometown or the city where you are studying or working?

145. Did you you attend a concert or watch it on TV recently?

146. What part of this city do you like the best?

147. Did you grow up in the city or in the country?

148. Would you want to be the mayor of your city?

149. Do you think you could make big changes in your city?

150. What are some long term problems?

151. What are some recent problems?

152. What type of shops are available in your area?

153. Have you ever been to a concert?

154. Describe a live concert that you attended.

155. Do you prefer living in a big or a small city?

156. Do you get together with your fellow students colleagues after classes?

157. Do you think music can heal sick people?

158. Do you prefer listening to songs in your own language or in another language?

159. Do you like weekends?

160. What do you do on weekends?

161. Do you like to study on weekends?

162. Do you have a hobby now?

163. How important are weekends for you?

164. How do you like to spend your weekends?

165. How often do you need to remember things?

166. Can you think of examples of music calming people or increasing their efficiency?

167. How many hours do you sleep a day?

168. How was your sleep when you were young?

169. What activities do you like to do at weekends?

170. Are you good at timekeeping?

171. How do you manage your time?

172. What would you like to do to relax?

173. Do you think people nowadays have more time to relax?

174. When is the most productive time for you: morning or afternoon?

175. Do you have time for leisure?

176. What kinds of music do you dislike?

177. What causes you to stress out?

178. Do you think people should work on weekends or not?

179. Should those who work on weekends be paid more?

180. Is it important for you to relax?

181. What do you do to relax?

182. How is your daily routine different now from when you were a child?

183. How many hours do you like to sleep at night?

184. What kind of housework do you usually do?

185. What is your normal day like?

186. What kind of music do you like?

187. What kind of music do you listen to to cheer you up?

188. What kind of music do you usually listen to?

189. What time do you usually get up?

190. What activities would you like to do to keep yourself healthy in the near future?

191. What did you learn from your secondary school to keep your body healthy?

192. What have you learned about health in school?

193. In your country, do men and women usually do the same kinds of things on weekends?

194. What kind of things do you often shop for?

195. What's your favorite place to shop?

196. What's your favorite shopping area or store?

197. Which do you prefer, large stores or small stores?

198. When you buy something, what is most important to you: price, quality, fashion trend, status/image?

199. Is street shopping common in your country?

200. Are street markets common in your country?

201. Do you think people like street markets?

202. Have you purchased any gadget recently?

203. How is it celebrated?

204. Is there a special food you prepare on that holiday?

205. If you were to make a new holiday, what holiday would it be and what would it be for?

206. Do you think holidays are important?

207. What kinds of thing do you like to do on the holidays?

208. Do you think pets need holidays?

209. What games do you play during your holidays?

210. How many holidays do you have in your country?

211. What special customs are associated with your favorite holiday?

212. Have you ever been homesick?

213. What kind of housing would you prefer?

214. Do you think historical movies are educational?

215. Do you like foreign films that are dubbed in your mother tongue or do you like watching the film in its original form?

216. How often would you go to the movie theater if you always had free tickets?

217. Do you think a movie has to be expensive to make to become a blockbuster? Why?

218. When there's a new movie on and you are interested in it, do you usually go to the cinema to watch it or wait and see it on DVD?

219. What are the different types/genres of films you can watch?

220. Do you think that films should be more educational?

221. Should some kinds of movies not be made?

222. Should children under the age of 10 be allowed to see horror movies?

223. Would you prefer to live in a house or an apartment? Why?

224. Is every house a home?

225. Do you like to exercise?

226. Do you like to watch sports on TV?

227. Is it good that professional sports are so commercial nowadays?

228. Were you on any sports teams in high school?

229. What sports do you like to watch live?

230. What sports do you like to watch on TV?

231. Does it bother you that people gamble on sporting events?

232. Do professional athletes in your country make millions of dollars a year?

233. What kind of house do you live in now?

234. What kind of home would you prefer to live in, in the future?

235. When someone visits you, how do you usually show hospitality?

236. How often do guests come to your house?

237. How often do you have visitors at home?

238. Do you want to make changes to your house in the future?

239. What do you dislike about your house?

240. Do you plan to live there in the future?

241. Do you enjoy visiting your family?

242. How often do you visit your family?

243. Do you prefer to visit family or friends?

244. What chores do you do at home?

245. Do you think that children should do chores at home?

246. Did you help at home when you were a child?

247. How could you live without electricity?

248. Do you plant flowers and trees in your garden?

249. Do you like the place the you live in now?

250. Would you be interested in making a film of your own?

251. What facilities do students particularly get?

252. Which subject do you like the most?

253. What do you want to do in the future?

254. How does music make you feel?

255. How much time do you spend listening to music?

256. What is your apartment like?

257. What kind of house or apartment do you want to live in?

258. Do you think your favorite music twenty years from now will be the same as it is today?

259. What are the entertainment places available in your area?

260. Which entertainment place would you prefer in your area?

261. What is your favorite color?

262. Did you have the same favourite colours when you where a child?

263. Do your friends like the same color?

264. Do you like sending postcards?

265. What programmes do you like to watch or listen to?

266. Are you interested in cars?

267. Do you prefer watching films in the cinema or at home?

268. What type of films do you like to watch?

269. Do you often go to restaurants to eat?

270. What realistic changes would you make to your country's attitude toward education?

271. Would you ever want to learn a third language?

272. Do you travel by taxi often?

273. Have you ever been on a boat?

274. Have you traveled by boat?

275. Do you prefer fish or meat?

276. Do you prefer your own country's food or other kinds of food?

277. Do you think a vegetarian diet is better than a diet that includes meat?

278. What country's food do you like the most?

279. What do you eat when you feel sad?

280. What do you usually eat for lunch?

281. What do you usually like to drink when you go out?

282. What is your favourite food?

283. What kind of food that you think is the least healthy?

284. What kind of food that you think is the most healthy?

285. What kind of food you usually eat?

286. Have you ever thought food was your only friend?

287. How often do you have unhealthy food?

288. How do you make pizza at home?

289. How difficult is it to find fresh vegetables and fruits in your area?

290. Do you like eating vegetables and fruits?

291. What vegetables and fruits do you like the most?

292. Is it difficult to find healthy food in your area?

293. Do you like cooking?

294. Do you think you are a good cook?

295. What do you like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

296. What is the importance of fruits and vegetables in our diet?

297. Is it easy to buy really fresh fruits and vegetables nowadays?

298. If a wife works outside the home, should the husband help with the housework inside the home?

299. What do you think of married couples who decide not to have any children?

300. Do people in your country ever decide to remain single and not create a family?

301. Is it necessary to get married to have a good life?

302. When do children leave their parents' home in your country?

303. Who in your family would you turn to if you had an emotional problem?

304. How did you get your name?

305. What impact has divorce and/or modern day living had on the family?

306. How often does your family eat dinner together?

307. What household chores do you do?

308. How often do you visit your relatives?

309. How often do you see your relatives now?

310. Do you think you’ll see your relatives more or less, in the future?

311. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of friendships.

312. What do you usually do with your friends?

313. What is a friend?

314. Where is a good place to meet new friends?

315. Friendship is the most important relationship. Do you agree?

316. What qualities do you appreciate in your friends?

317. Why are friendships important for you?

318. What behavior of others hurts you most?

319. What do you consider to be your good and bad qualities?

320. Is getting along with others a natural ability from birth or does it have to be learnt?

321. Are you good friends with your family members?

322. How often do you talk with your friends?

323. Do you have a close friend?

324. What qualities do you look for when making friends?

325. When did you get your mobile phone?

326. When do you usually use your mobilel phone and for what purposes?

327. Is your mobile phone important for you in your daily life?

328. Did you ever let the telephone ring without answering it?

329. Do you know that mobile phones have been used as a method to bully?

330. What reason do you have a mobile phone?

331. Do you feel that these risks would stop you from using your mobile phone?

332. In what situations do you usually text?

333. When did you start using a mobile phone?

334. What features are important for you in a mobile phone?

335. Do you think it is a good thing to have a mobile phone?

336. How do you keep in touch with your friends and relatives?

337. In what situations do you write to a friend?

338. What sorts of letters do you think are the most difficult to write?

339. Do you send postcards?

340. Do you prefer to send cards or emails?

341. Do you like sending postcards?

342. Would you send postcards now?

343. Have you ever visited a museum?

344. Do you think schools should take students to museums?

345. Do you find museums helpful?

346. Do your friends wear the same kinds of clothes as you?

347. Do the people around you wear the same kinds of clothes as you?

348. What do you think about fashion nowadays in your country?

349. Are people's ideas about fashion today the same as people's ideas in previous years?

350. Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothes?

351. Do you wear the same color clothes now that you wore ten years ago?

352. What do you think of people who dye their hair green?

353. Would you ever wear contacts to change your eye color?

354. What differences have you noticed in the fashions here and in your country?

355. What do you think about secondhand clothes?

356. Do you think there's a difference between" fashion " and "style" ?

357. What type of clothes do you like to wear?

358. What type of clothes do you usually wear?

359. Is there any particular colour of clothes that you prefer?

360. Do you have certain clothes that are common in your closet?

361. Do you wear comfortable or fashionable shoes?

362. Do you prefer comfortable shoes or fashionable ones?

363. Are there many clothing shops in your area?

364. What clothes do you wear for different situations?

365. Do you wear a watch?

366. What aspect is important for you when choosing clothes?

367. Do people in your country like to raise animals? 

368. Did you have any pets when you were a child?

369. Do you think raising farm animals is important?

370. Are there animal rights groups where you live?

371. Do you think it's okay to free animals that have been in captivity all their lives?

372. Do you think people should buy and wear fur coats?

373. Do you think it is right to keep wild animals in captivity all there life

374. What is your favorite animal?

375. In you childhood, what experience of art did you have?

376. What experience of art did you have when you were younger?

377. Did you ever do any artwork when you were a child?

378. Do you believe what art critics say?

379. Have you ever been to any famous art museums?

380. Have you ever gone to an art exhibition?

381. Does art imitate life?

382. Would you buy a painting?

383. Were you taught painting or drawing in school?

384. Do you think it's important for couples to find similar things funny?

385. What are the various places where we see advertisements?

386. What type of advertisement do you prefer to use for getting information?

387. What do you think is the purpose of advertisements?

388. Do you think advertising plays a very important role in today's world?

389. What sorts of advertisements leave the deepest impression on people?

390. What do you think about the developments in advertising in your country today?

391. What do you think of celebrity endorsements?

392. Which celebrities advertise which products?

393. Should there be advertisement-free zones?

394. What kind of advertisements attract your attention?

395. What is the best way to advertise to adults?

396. What is the best way to advertise to seniors?

397. What are the different methods of advertising?

398. What would make an advertisement more interesting?

399. What differences can you notice between commercials from 10 or 15 years ago and commercials today?

400. Do you think ads influence the choices you make when you buy clothes?

401. Do you think ads influence the choices you make when you or your parents buy food?

402. Do you think there are too many ads in magazines?

403. Do you think there are too many ads in newspapers?

404. What are the harmful and the beneficial effects of advertising?

405. Are advertisements important?

406. Do you like watching advertisements?

407. What kind of advertisements do you usually see?

408. Where do you see ads mostly?

409. What has a greater effect: TV ads or newspaper and magazine ads?

410. Do people in your country have birthday parties?

411. Do you think getting older is depressing for people, or a happy occasion?

412. How did you celebrate your last birthday?

413. Is it important to celebrate birthdays?

414. Do children like birthday celebration more than adults?

415. Tell me about your last birthday party.

416. How do people celebrate a birthday in your country?

417. What did you do on your birthday when you were a child?

418. Do you read a lot nowadays?

419. What kinds of books do read for enjoyment?

420. How much time each day do you spend reading?

421. How many hours a day would you say you spend on reading?

422. Did you read much in your childhood?

423. What kinds of books did you like reading when you were a child?

424. Do you think it's important for children to read?

425. For children, what are the benefits of reading?

426. What is the function of reading?

427. How many hours do you spend reading in a week?

428. How often do you go to the library?

429. Where is your favorite place to read?

430. What genre of book do you enjoy most?

431. Do you read books in English?

432. What type of books do you read?

433. What kind of books are you interested in?

434. Do you usually read before going to sleep?

435. Where do you usually read?

436. What is a good place for reading?

437. Would you like to write a book in the future?

438. Would you like to write a book?

439. Do you often come into contact with children?

440. What kind of child were you when you were little?

441. Do you think children today are the same as those in the past?

442. Do children today like to do the same things when they play?

443. Why do you think children commit violent crimes?

444. Do you get along well with your parents?

445. Do we have a responsibility to correct children when their parents aren't around and they are misbehaving?

446. Do you think children are watching too much TV now?

447. Do you have a colour that you hate?

448. What do the different colours mean in your culture?

449. How would you compare the feeling you get watching a movie in black and white to watching it in colour?

450. What is your least favorite colour?

451. Do you like light or dark colours better?

452. What is the importance of colours in your opinion?

453. Do you think colours can affect our mood? Why?

454. Is colour important when choosing your clothes?

455. What is your favourite colour for a car?

456. What role do computers play in modern life?

457. Do you think computers are important in everyday life?

458. Computers are now used a lot in education. What do you think of this?

459. Computers are now used a lot in the education of children. What do you think are the advantages of this?

460. Do you think it's a good or a bad thing to teach children how to use a computer?

461. Are you computer literate?

462. Can you access the Internet from your home?

463. Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer? Do you have both?

464. Are you still using your first computer?

465. What software do you use the most often?

466. What are some good things about having a computer?

467. Do you have more than one computer?

468. Do you usually drive a car?

469. How often do you drive a car?

470. Do you have a driver's license?

471. Do you think it's important to pay attention to safety when driving?

472. Do high schools in your country have driving classes?

473. Do you think it would be a good idea to have driving classes at school?

474. Do you think cars should be banned from city centers?

475. Are women better drivers than men?

476. Do you think the age for driving should be raised or lowered?

477. Do you wash your car yourself or do you have it washed?

478. Do most people follow the rules of the road?

479. What should be done in order to prevent traffic congestion in your city?

480. Would you ever consider being a newscaster?

481. Would you prefer being a newscaster or a journalist?

482. Do you trust the information you get from the news?

483. Do you read newspapers?

484. What kind of news do you like to know?

485. Did your parents teach you to help others?

486. How do you help your neighbours?

487. Do you know any of your neighbours?

488. Why do you need to do it?

489. Do you forget things sometimes?

490. How do you memorise things?

491. Do you like to travel?

492. What are the advantages of travelling by air?

493. Who taught you to be polite when you were a child?

494. Is politeness important in life?

495. When you were a child what activities did you enjoy most?

496. Do you like computer games?

497. What was your favorite activity when you were a child?

498. How have kids’ activities change since you were a child?

499. Which activity was your favorite as a child?

500. What kind of games did you play when you were a child?

501. What toys did you play with when you were a child?

502. What kind of toys did you like to play with?

503. Which was your favourite toy?

504. Do you think people in your country are usually patient?