IELTS Speaking Tips

by Hillary

Top Tip: Try to speak like a native speaker! If you can do this, forget the rest!

  • Tip 1: Keep speaking. You only have more than 10 minutes - give or take, to show the examiner your skills of speaking so take advantage of your time.
  • Tip 2. Do NOT memorise your answers. The eximiner has enough experience to notice this and would have a negative impression about you.
  • Tip 3. Avoid short answers. It means you should develop your answers by talking in details.
  • Tip 4. Try to hide your accent. Although, it is hard to speak without an accent but you may try to hide it. For example, try to avoid flat intonation by putting some melody in your speaking.
  • Tip 5. Speak more than the examiner. Of course, this is you test not the examiner's one. So don't let the examiner take your time. 
  • Tip 6. Don't be afraid of asking for clarification. It sometimes happens in your native language as well so it is surely OK for you to do it in an English conversation.


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