IELTS Speaking Test Structure

by Kiwi

Duration: Between 11 and 14 minutes.
Format: The test consists of 3 parts. 
Note:The IELTS speaking test is the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

To start the test, the examiner will introduce him or herself, ask you to introduce yourself and confirm your identity. You can expect to hear:

  • Hello! My name is .... Can you tell me your full name, please?
  • What shall I call you?
  • Can you tell me where youÂ’'re from?
  • Can I see your identification, please?
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How are IELTS Speaking band scores evaluated?

by Erik

Many of us (aka IELTS candidates) walk into the test room without knowing what the examiner is looking for in the test. We just answer question by question the way we think it is right, ending up not getting the band score we expect. Knowing how the test is graded may not help you to speak better but you could change the way you speak, giving out responses that demonstrate all the requirements of the band score you need.

As per public version IELTS band descriptors, examiners will determine candidates' band score based on 5 aspects, which are grouped in 4 criaterion areas:

  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy
  • Pronunciation
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IELTS Speaking Tips

by Hillary

Top Tip: Try to speak like a native speaker! If you can do this, forget the rest!

  • Tip 1: Keep speaking. You only have more than 10 minutes - give or take, to show the examiner your skills of speaking so take advantage of your time.
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